Cinta untuk dinikmati.. bukan disakiti

by - 1:32 AM

A moment of steel
A dry-eyed house
Did he say goodbye to you
Or did you kick him out
I know youre not afraid
To go aloneBut this was a marriage of spirit, flesh, and bone
Now whatcha gonna do
When the planet shifts
Whatcha gonna doGonna slit your wrists
Bleed all over the milky way
The stars in your eyes look red today
Chorus:Cry love, cry love
The tears of an angel
The tears of a doveSpilling all over, your heart from above
Cry love, cry love
The trust of a woman in his handBut he was a little boy, not a man
You loved him stronger than he could feel
Yeah he was wrapped up in himself like an orange peel
Now whatcha gonna doWith the booze and the blushWhatcha gonna do
When theres no rush
Cop a little misery
At the corner store
Well one day that train of pain wont stop no more
Throwning up ashes on the floor
If this is a lesson in loveWell whats it for?
The heart will rememberThe burning fire
The next time you feel the flameOf desire
Chorus Chorus
Cry love, cry love, cry love

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