Omellette yang cantik a.k.a telur dadar versi hotel

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Me kalo stay kat hotel, opkos le nak sekali breakfast, n the no 1 things yg nak rasa ialah omellette nya... a.k.a telur dadar versi otel... tp some people say omellette is not telur dadar.. so whatever! n serius.. lain otel lain rasa omellettnya... n the mos sedapness one me pernah rasa is at Concorde hotel shah alam.... the taste never change.. yummy!
n kang pulak ada plak kata me mengada nak masak telo dadar pun nak buat ala hotel.. helo.. pernah tak u all rasa bila makan telur dadar kat kedai lagi sedap dari u buat kat umah??? pernah tak?? even telur tu hanya didadarkan tambah garam sahaja??? ;p

so memandangkan takkan la ari-ari nak makan kat otel, so dengan sangat merajinnya mak budak ni menggoogle la caranya yg terbaik... dan terjumpalah satu blog yg berbahasa ibunda saya memberikan tips do and donts berkenaan mendapatkan omellette yg best! ....

So here the dos and don'ts.

  • Use butter. Real butter. I used salted butter.
  • Use at least three eggs. 3 okels?
  • Prepare ingredients in advance and set them separately (onions/bell peppers/tomatoes/etc). 
  • Add few drops of water into egg batter (steam from water bubbles help to make omelette cook evenly and puffy) I used 1 tbsp of fresh milk.
  • Use super low heat hence waiting is essential.  
  • Whisk egg batter only when you are ready to cook. Do not prepare any and set aside while you get other things done. 
  • Add a pinch of baking powder. ;)
  • Cover the pan while waiting for your omelette to cook. 

  • Don't flip omelette at all. 
  • Don't use salt. Google said salt breaks down the egg texture. That's the reason why I used salted butter, to accommodate the taste.

How to:
[1] Heat non stick pan.
[2] Add butter and it should bubble up almost immediately. Tilt the pan to coat it evenly.
[3] As butter foam starts browning, pour in eggs. Cover the pan.
[4] Once bottom of the omelette starts to thicken and the top still a bit runny/creamy, sprinkle the ingredients but not too much. Cover the pan.
[5] Let the omelette brown for few seconds (less than a minute) and yeszaaa, perfect omelette is ready to serve.
p/s: jgn tak try! trust me its works

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