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 sejak dua menjak menggantikan puasa tertinggal semasa cuti bersalin tahun lepas.. aku sangat concern dengan intake pengambilan air seharian.. ditambah pulak dengan keadaan sekarang yang menyusukan amani sepenuh masa malam hari.. dan mengepam siang hari.. hasil dari bacaan ringkas di sini, akhirnya keputusannya begini........

A person who is 138 pounds (abaikan! aku gemok)
and is exercising for 0 minutes (mmg takde masa langsung) ,
is not pregnant, (insyaallah lepas amani genap 2 thun tmpoh penyusuan)
is breastfeeding,
lives at a high altitude,
lives in a dry climate,
drinks 0 alcoholic drink(s),
when the weather is not very hot or very cold,
and is not sick with fever or diarrhea should have:

109 ounces of water today, or 3.3 liters.

If you eat a healthy diet, about 20 percent of your water may come from the foods you eat. If you eat a healthy diet you can drink 87.2 ounces of water today, or 2.6 liters.

Water is an obvious source for your daily fluid needs.
 Other good beverages include milk, herbal teas, low-sodium broth, or 100-percent fruit and vegetable juices.
Soft drinks will also count toward your daily total of fluid, just remember that sugar sweetened soft drinks add extra calories to you daily diet that you don't need,
  while drinking water may help you lose weight.

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