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1.Seria (2008) said that, when we are fasting, we can't talk bad thing bout anyone.. hehe but for sure.. there be a topic on certain person everyday to discussed...( so mean lah us...)

2. zila (2008) argued in her talks, "Love is anything that make you feel happy...anything make u comfort.. anything that make u so excited to do anything in daily life.... ( i agreed...)
3. Nas (2008) said that, What u give u get  back.... any thing that have u done to anyone.. especially the bad one.. in other time or other life.. u'll get back the bad one... seem like the Karma Rules.. (uhmm... i think so....)
4. Hasburllah ( 2008) quoted " Miss U Ney...".. hehe this is the best article in life that i like most.. i read it regularly.... love u so much2 deng...

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