Bazaar Ramadhan

by - 1:35 AM

1. i went to the bazaar ramadhan at Sec.13 for the first time in this year ramadhan. seem that a few changes appeared (hehehe)

2. went there by bus and i've to wait about an hour and at the moment.. the temperature can make my head blow up! so hot... b'coz of we did'nt want to be part of sardines at the bazaar, so we decided to go early.. huhu
3. when we arrive at Giant (behind the Shah aLAM sTADIUM).. we  (me..zila..ben2..seria ..and d'nas) hang around and don't know what to do there. every 1 seems like blur.. especially zla..(she's just awake when i told her that we r going to the bazar)
4. met chicak n jojoy... hehe then we go to the bazzaar together2.... the bazzar??? there's nothing interesting.. all things that been sell are the same... besides it was not as happening like last yeaar... 
6. there are a few stall counted and we have no various choices... huhhu.. so sad
7. might be b'coz there are also another bazaar at TTDI,PAS & Sec.2 (hope we be have other free time to go there)....
8. we share rm5 per head... and we bought a lot of "kuih-muih" hehe.. after "sungkey".. there are a lot of spares left ( i dun know what are the right term).. hehe
9. but this is the last semester and year me and my best collegues be together2 like today
10. it gonna be part of the best momment i ever had for my whole life....

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thanks for ur time dear..


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