I'm Tired

by - 1:59 AM

1. This semester was the most tiring semester i ever have
2. to many assignment and final project which i have to finish up and settle
3. hopefully that it may give me better experience and more knowledge
4. i feel that it time for me to booster up my performance coz i'm graduating this semester!!!(InsyaAllah)
5.really want to go home.. i miss my hometown.. miss my bucuk so much.. huuhhuuu
6. sometimes i really wanna go home.. my soul was not here ?(in uitm puncak)...
7. sometimes i feel so sad.. there's no body can understand what are there in my mind..
8. lucily.. i found my "Someone".. just he the one and only can understand me rather than the others.....

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thanks for ur time dear..


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