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second day in Pustaka miri.. there's nothing to do than facing this square monitor.... next week i'm going to start my duty as a government servant in Lawas...luckily me... the libray was 1 km from the centre of lawas!!! hehe not a library desa purely......

rasa nya ku kena ready serba serbi lah.... staff only 1... so i have to make a good connection with my staff n cakap pasal housemate..sik jumpa lagi la..huhu

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  1. baruk cgek komen yg kmk receive dr ktk...kenk x dpt indh...pelik juak ooo...jauh kah lawas dr ktk sia???ktk dah ngga lib ya???assistnt ktk, org lawas juak kah???msti bez nak???nas tek kat cne nya???

  2. pelik mbok.. kitak perlu approval.. ya la kitak perlu tgk sigek2 ya... mun sik senangjak orang komen terus masuk sik perlu di approve2...


thanks for ur time dear..


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