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by - 11:02 AM

last sunday went to paxen... going to the same phone shop where i make a reservation on E66..BUT........ the phone price was raise up til rm1300 wit 2gb.. the promising price is rm1240 wit 2gb mmc.. felt so dispointed.. huhu

but then, Nancy (the shopgirl) introduce me to a Sony Ericson phone.. have the same spec wit E66 and more cheaper.. but i'm still thinking on it.. the price for G705 is RM 1070 witg 2GB mmc. the same specifications but different model... i'm in dilema.. but EE like the Sony ericson more than E66... huu.. i dun know la which 1 to pick.... the girl said, "the choice is in your hand......"

This is the image of SE G705 and on the right is E66

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  1. oo tedah

    kelak kaka beli untuk adik sumirah ok

    eh salah adik suramih..

    eh salah adik suhiram

    eh salah blog, sorry


thanks for ur time dear..


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