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yeay! collagen dust yang di order dari Hanis Zalikha dah ada dalam tangan... tak sabar nya nak try okey! haaha sebabnya mommy dah malas nak makan banyak sesangat mak bapak segala pil supplement yang ada.. walaubagaimanapun.. Vitamin C tetap jugak amik sebab sangat perlu hokey...

dan mommy ni mmg sangat pantang la kalo dipromote menda pasal kesihatan n kecantikan ni.. cepat je tangan nya nak kuar kan RM even dah tetengah bulan n gaji lambat lagi nak masuk. plus sanggung tu kurangkan bajet belanja sebab nak membeli. Tertarik nak beli lepas baca entri Cik Kak Hanis Zalikha ni, dia cite pasa Collagen dust...   BEAUTY MUST-HAVE, time tu leh tahan nafsu  lagi. tp baca plak mak dia punya entry, ANUGERAH ILLAHI aduhh terus la jatuh tergadah nafsunya hendak mencuba.. hehehe tapi tak salah kot kalo untuk kesihatan akan datang.....

email hanis hari Khamis yang lepas. cepat je dapat reply, dia reply mcam ni.. mommy copy paste je eik

 Hello there,

 How much per bottle of 70g and how long does it last?

RM170 (including postage). RM160 if you’re willing to come to my house (Shah Alam) and pick it up yourself (contact mom at
pungpangpungpang for this).

For my personal use, it can last for up to 2-3months. I use it daily.

Not recommended for Pregnant Woman and Kids Below the age of 7.

How to purchase?

  • Step 1: Bank in RM170 to my Maybank pungpangpungpang (Hanis Zalikha Zainal).

Step 2: Refer the transaction to + screencapture (if you use Maybank2U). Snap the receipt and email me the image if you use manual transfer.

Step 3: Send your details (Name, Location, Contact Number) to with the subject:COMPLETED.

Step 4: Delivery will be done within 1-3weeks depending on stock. We work on first come first serve basis.

For repeat order, please follow the same steps above. Our stock is frequently updated.

Answering frequently asked questions (FAQS)

What is Collagen Dust™?

Collagen Dust™ is actually marine hydrolyzed collagen that is 100% fish protein base product. The results are progressive, it works from within and the longer you stay on the product, the better your results will be. You can say it is an alternative to having collagen and Botox injections.

Does it work for skin?

Yes, by supplementing internally marine collagen, your skin will improve. Mom been using it for 2years, she’s aging but it doesn’t show (not that fast, at least). Your skin really does get perkier with Collagen Dust™. I believe that my skincare works better thanks to it.

Does it work for nails and hair?

Yes and yes. Collagen strengthens brittle nails. Hair should also be stronger and more elastic from the result of taking collagen (from ingestion). I use it mainly for hair to be honest, since I am always in and out of the saloon putting chemicals on it T_T. Must. Strengthen. Hair.

Does it reduce joint and muscle pain?

We have found this to be true. It works for us, my mom the superwoman no longer suffers backache and I no longer find myself lenguh-lenguh lutut at night when I wear my heels for too long during the day.

Is it HALAL?
Yes, certified. Industry secret: Most beauty products have added some concentrated collagen powder (Collagen Dust™) in their product line. What you’re purchasing is the real deal. Okay lemme copy paste my mom email reply:

“Kolagen yang Kak Nani ambil itu tidak dijual di pasaran. Kak Nani dapat dari seorang kawan yang supply concentrated marine collagen powder pada syarikat-syarikat kosmetik di Malaysia ni. Contohnya dia supply kat Sendayu Tinggi, product terbaru Chef Wan (Mavellous) dan hampir semua syarikat product kecantikan di Malaysia ini. Ada status halal. Maklumlah, disupply ke semua syarikat kosmetik orang Melayu di Malaysia ni.
Tetapi penggunaan colegen didalam product mereka sangat sedikit. Manakala yang Kak Nani dapat dari supplier memang pure collagen dan keberkesanannya seratus peratus atau direct.”


How do I use it?

1-2 teaspoons per day for consumption, highly soluble in cold water (juice/Milo/teh ais), really suitable with bubur/laksa/soup (fish powder + liquid food = SCORE!).
You can also mix a pinch of Collagen Dust™ with your moisturizer before applying to face. Sprinkle it in your body lotion for perky boobies.
Guna luar dalam for best result.

Beautify and make yourself youthful with Collagen Dust™.


Sumber: Hanis Zalikha

than mlm buat paymen, petang jumaat tu dah smpai ke Bintulu Collagen Dust nya...

ingatkan botol kecik, upanya besar!

cukup la untuk 1-2 bulan

dalam macam serbuk mcam tepung susu

p/s: after krismas mommy counting calories ok.. berat dah up up and away sikit... sikitlah.. ;p

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  1. assalamualaikum..nak tanya, yang akak beli ni berapa gram ye?

  2. salam Hafazlin, not so sure berapa gram, tapi mmg botol besar yang ni.. sy pakai dekat 3 bulan lebih jugak.. sebab buat minum je banyak.. effect dia mmg ada... kulit jadi cantik.. tpi bukan nampak time tu jugak.. lepas 4 bulan kendian mmg glowing wajah kita

  3. assalamualaikum kak.. nak tanya, berat badan naik x mkn collagen ni?

  4. assalamualaikum kak.. nak tanya, berat badan naik x mkn collagen ni?

  5. Shaklee collagen powder penah try x? hehe


thanks for ur time dear..